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Discover the breathtaking Abu Private Reserve in the south-west of the Okavango Delta. Immerse yourself in its diverse landscapes, from lush floodplains and winding channels to enchanting palm islands and the rugged Kalahari ‘Sandveld Tongue’. As you arrive at Wilderness Seba Camp, prepare to be enchanted by the wildlife wonderland that surrounds you. Perched overlooking a tranquil lagoon, this camp is nestled within a private conservation area in the western part of the Delta. The lush riverine vegetation, adorned with majestic hardwood trees, provides a haven for an array of extraordinary birdlife. Embark on thrilling land and water game-viewing activities on the concession, ensuring that your stay at Seba Camp is a true “combination” Okavango Delta safari experience.

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What to Expect

Immerse yourself in the captivating wilderness of the Abu Private Reserve, where Seba Camp is nestled. This extraordinary area is renowned for its thriving elephant populations, offering unique opportunities for intimate encounters with these majestic creatures. Unlike the permanently inundated regions of the Okavango Delta, the diverse habitats surrounding Seba Camp provide a tapestry of landscapes, leading to an abundance of general game viewing.

Marvel at the graceful giraffes, zebras, and various antelope species such as impala, tsessebe, lechwe, and wildebeest that roam these lands. Witness the impressive herds of buffalo and the playful antics of warthogs. Keep a keen eye out for the dominant carnivores of the area, including the mighty lions and the cunning spotted hyenas. With occasional sightings of leopards and African wild dogs, each safari at Seba Camp promises exciting wildlife encounters and unforgettable moments in the heart of the Okavango Delta.

  • Game viewing is excellent, and highlights include the chance to spend time at hyaena dens (seasonally), and to find leopards or lesser-seen antelope like roan
  • Diverse activities year round – predominantly land-based in summer and water-based in winter
  • Family-orientated guides offer inspirational safaris for the whole family



Nestled within the enchanting wilderness of the Abu Private Reserve, Seba Camp presents a harmonious blend of comfort and natural elegance. Discover a sanctuary of tranquility with eight spacious and thoughtfully designed tents, meticulously crafted to seamlessly merge with the surrounding bush landscape.

Constructed with a harmonious combination of wood, thatch, and canvas, each tent exudes a warm and inviting ambiance. Adorned in soft, neutral tones, the tents provide a serene haven for relaxation, featuring en-suite bathrooms and private decks that offer breathtaking views of the ever-passing wildlife. Indulge in delectable cuisine and refreshing beverages at the elevated dining and bar areas, perched on a raised deck that provides sweeping panoramas of the picturesque surroundings.

Unwind and rejuvenate by the inviting pool, nestled beneath a pergola, where you can savor a refreshing cocktail while basking in the tranquil atmosphere. At Seba Camp, every element has been carefully curated to ensure a seamless fusion of luxury and immersion in the untamed beauty of the Okavango Delta.


Situated amidst the captivating wilderness of the Abu Private Reserve, Seba Camp invites you to immerse yourself in the stunning natural surroundings and abundant wildlife of the Okavango Delta.

Set in the south-western part of the region, this extraordinary camp is embraced by a diverse tapestry of landscapes, including seasonally flooded floodplains, winding channels, palm-dotted islands, and the arid Kalahari “Sandveld Tongue.” With its breathtaking scenery and thriving wildlife, Seba Camp offers a truly unforgettable safari experience in one of Africa’s most iconic destinations.

Wilderness Seba – Game Drives

Located in the captivating Abu Private Reserve, Seba Camp invites you to immerse yourself in the wonders of the Okavango Delta. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and teeming wildlife, this remarkable camp offers an exceptional opportunity to encounter a multitude of species. From the majestic lions and elusive leopards to the graceful roan antelopes and the endearing hyena cubs, every moment at Seba Camp promises thrilling wildlife sightings and unforgettable experiences.

Explore the diverse habitats and witness the natural wonders of this pristine wilderness, where every corner reveals a new adventure and a deeper connection with the remarkable wildlife that calls this place home.


  • Bar
  • Library
  • Pool
  • Private Vehicle Available
  • Bird Watching
  • Game Viewing
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