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The exclusive Qorokwe Private Wilderness Area encompasses over 26 180-hectares (over 64 692-acres) in a diverse habitat area of the south-eastern Okavango, bordering the renowned Moremi Game Reserve. The name Qorokwe means ‘the place where the buffalo broke through the bush into the water’ evoking the high-density game area in which this camp is situated. It owes its productivity to a mix of habitat types that lie between its western and eastern borders: the Santantadibe and Gomoti Channels respectively.

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What to Expect

Nestled within the expansive Qorokwe Private Wilderness Area, Qorokwe Camp showcases the rich diversity of its biomes. From scattered acacia woodland teeming with majestic giraffes and zebras, to pristine floodplains where curious red lechwe roam and mud-encrusted buffalo bulls reside, the camp embodies its name’s origin. As the resident lion pride roams, the iconic elephants grace this classic Okavango Delta setting, adding to the allure of this remarkable safari destination.

  • A blend of luxury eco-chic within a beautiful classic Okavango Delta setting
  • Bordering the renowned Moremi Game Reserve, the exclusive Qorokwe Private Wilderness Area is a high-density game area
  • Wilderness Qorokwe’s productivity is due to a mix of habitat types that lie between its western and eastern borders: the Santantadibe and Gomoti channels respectively – a predator stronghold, particularly noted for lions, cheetahs, leopards, and spotted hyaena, wild dogs frequently den in the area, with elephant herds a regular feature
  • A land-based camp with two permanent rivers, Wilderness Qorokwe offers an array of year-round activities



Nestled within the pristine landscapes of the Qorokwe Private Wilderness Area, Wilderness Qorokwe Camp seamlessly blends a captivating contemporary style with the timeless allure of the Okavango Delta. With its collection of nine elegant tents, including a spacious family unit featuring a private plunge pool, guests can effortlessly transition between the chic interiors and the natural, open-air surroundings.

The camp’s thoughtfully designed layout, including the magnificent main area, provides ample shade and captures refreshing breezes, all while offering breathtaking vistas of a quintessential Delta lagoon. Elevated walkways not only grant guests spectacular viewpoints of the surrounding wilderness but also allow wildlife to roam freely through the camp. And let’s not forget the infinity pool, a captivating centerpiece that accentuates the expansive views and adds to the camp’s undeniable charm.


In its unwavering dedication to sustainability, Wilderness Qorokwe Camp goes beyond providing a remarkable safari experience. With a focus on minimizing its carbon footprint and utilizing 100% solar-generated power, the camp stands as a beacon of environmental responsibility. However, its impact extends far beyond conservation.

As an integral part of the local community, Wilderness Qorokwe plays a vital role in empowering the residents through job creation and the creation of other income-generating opportunities. By embracing a community-held concession lease, the camp actively hires staff from within the community, fostering economic growth and ensuring that the benefits of tourism reach the hands of those who call this land home. It’s a testament to Wilderness Qorokwe’s commitment to sustainable tourism that not only protects the natural environment but also uplifts and supports the local community.

Wilderness Qorokwe – Game Drives

Stretching across the magnificent landscape, the Qorokwe Concession is a realm defined by the majestic Gomoti Channel in the east, while the Santantadibe River flows generously through its western reaches. Within this expansive territory lies a tapestry of captivating habitats, each offering its own allure. From the seasonal floodplains adorned with graceful palms to the verdant wooded islands, tranquil waterways, and the serenity of the dry woodland areas, Qorokwe Camp’s surroundings are a symphony of natural wonders.

What sets this extraordinary concession apart is its perennial water sources that ensure a vibrant and thriving ecosystem throughout the year. This sustained abundance of water gives rise to an unrivaled diversity of wildlife, making every season a treasure trove for game viewing enthusiasts. As you embark on your safari adventure, be prepared for awe-inspiring encounters with nature’s most formidable predators. The lion’s mighty roar resonates through the savannah, while the elusive leopard slinks through the shadows, and the cheetah’s graceful stride leaves you breathless. Keep a keen eye out for the spotted hyenas and the African wild dogs, their untamed spirit igniting the wilderness.

Beyond the realm of predators, the Qorokwe Concession boasts an enchanting tapestry of plains species that gracefully roam its plains. Witness herds of giraffe majestically grazing, while zebras paint the landscape with their iconic stripes. The elegant red lechwe gracefully navigate the floodplains, their curiosity piqued by the surrounding wonders. And in the midst of it all, gnarled buffalo bulls exude an undeniable strength.

As you immerse yourself in the splendor of Qorokwe Camp, let the captivating landscapes and thriving wildlife awaken your sense of wonder. From the moment you set foot on this remarkable land, prepare to embark on a journey where nature’s grandeur unfolds before your eyes, and the legacy of Qorokwe Camp weaves itself into the fabric of your memories.


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