Shinde Concession

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Welcome to Shinde Concession!

The Shinde Concession of the northern Okavango Delta is comprised of some of its deepest lagoons and as such it is the ideal place to enjoy the many water-based activities that it offers. Although it is still officially deemed a village, Maun has become so much more than that. The ‘village’ now has a life of its own, with many hotels, lodges and restaurants being built in recent years. Maun Airport is one of the busiest in Africa and often serves as just a stop-over before travellers depart for their next destination on a charter flight.

These deep lagoons mean that sightings of amphibious wildlife such as otters and hippos are far more frequent in the Shinde concession. Visitors are advised to travel to the Shinde Concession during the dry season (April-October, early November) as certain water activities may not be possible during the rainy months. Certain species of game such as lion are also far more prevalent during the dry season.

However, there are no night flights departing from Maun Airport as it closes its doors in the evening. Extended lay-overs do, unfortunately, occur. But fear not! Wherever your journey may take you in Botswana, Maun and its people will persuade you to stay a night or two and enjoy its perfect mix of modern comforts and rural atmosphere.

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The Unique Experience of Shinde Concession

Besides the area’s vast big cat and wild dog population, the elusive Sitatunga and Lechwe can also be spotted owing to the concession being the perfect habitat for them. Other species of rare antelope including sable frequent the area as well. Thickets of Acacia attract giraffe and large herds of elephant flock through the concession during the dry season. Avid birdwatchers can rejoice in the Concession’s avian population. There are plenty of exotic birds to be spotted, including Slatty’s egrets, jacanas and various species of dabchicks.

However you choose to enjoy the Shinde Concession, there is a variety of top-notch accommodations to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The accommodation in the concession can be divided into two groups, those which cater more towards water-based activities and those which offer their guests a mix of both land and water-based activities.

Wherever you may rest your head in the Shinde Concession, you will never go hungry. From three course meals prepared by executive chefs to traditional bush dinners cooked on an open fire, your culinary experience will be just as unforgettable as the concession itself. All camps can cater for whatever dietary requirements you may have, all the while infusing their cuisine with a distinct African flavour.

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