Ride and Walk Botswana

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Ride and Walk Botswana will help to engage with the amazing wildside of life!

Welcome to Ride and Walk Botswana! We invite you to journey with us through spectacular landscapes, discover the wealth of flora and fauna, marvel at the intricate ecosystems and experience close up encounters with our resident and migratory wildlife.
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Accommodation rates exclude:

  • Visas, travel and medical insurance – which is essential.
  • Transport from your home to Maun and return.
  • Charter flight from Maun to camp (see rates below).
  • Gratuities for camp staff and guides.
  • Purchases from the “bush boutique” such as caps, shirts and jewellery.

Overview and Accommodation

Ride And Walk Botswana

Our exclusive, personalised Riding and Walking Safaris are based in the remote and beautiful Selinda Reserve in Northern Botswana. Our safaris are camp based (with a seasonal fly camping option) at Motswiri Camp, which was completely renovated in 2010, and incorporates the latest in comfort and environmental standards. Camp is staffed by a team with more than 50 years’ experience of hosting low impact safaris in Botswana.

The reserve’s diverse vegetation results in superb birding, and it is home to giraffe, zebra, tsessebe, lion, leopard, cheetah and the rare roan antelope, sable and wild dog. Many large herds of elephant and buffalo migrate through the reserve during the year. The reserve is unusual in its clear definition between floodplains and permanently dry areas, making it uniquely suited to both riding and walking safaris. Whether you wish to spend your whole safari on a horse or on foot, or to mix the two, we look forward to sharing this unique and majestic part of Botswana with you.

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Fly Camp

Fly camp is a more rustic affair, though tents and beds are perfectly comfortable, with ample space to stand up and move about.

Each tent is equipped with a long drop loo and bucket shower. A trip to fly camp enables access to the more remote areas of the reserve, where you will encounter differing landscapes and game viewing experiences.

Fly camp closes during the rainy season, typically from December to March each year, though the precise beginning and end of the rainy season do vary.

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The riding is simply superb in Ride and Walk Botswana. The terrain is a mix of open flood plain, dry savannah and riverine bush, resulting in great change in pace and experiences as each day evolves.

We have between twenty and twenty four horses, ranging from Thoroughbreds to Boerperds, Arabs and Kalahari crosses, large to small. All are well schooled, well fed and cared for, well turned out and acclimatised to the area and to the game that you will encounter. We aim to offer a choice of English or trail saddles. Rides will not normally comprise more than six guests, and each ride is lead by a guide and accompanied by a back up. We do not have set departures and prefer to be flexible. We do, however, recommend a minimum of 3 nights and suggest that the optimum stay is either 5 or 7 nights to include a night out at our fly camp. We have typical 3,5 and 7 night itineraries available so to give an idea of what your holiday will involve.

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There is no better way to get close to nature. Our walking safaris at Ride and Walk Botswana involve tracking spoors, searching for specific game, bird watching, detailed study of flora and fauna – whatever you want! You will be accompanied by an armed, professional guide who will tailor his activities to your specific areas of interest and will know the answers to most of your questions!

Groups are small, no more than 6, and you can choose whether to walk on dry land, wade in shallow flood plains, explore the floodplains by mekoro or the Spillway in a larger boat. Walking activities can be interspersed with fishing and swimming, or by taking up watch on some of the spectacular pans within the reserve and observing the birds and animals coming to drink. Once again, we do not have set departures and prefer to be flexible. We do, however, recommend a minimum of 3 nights and suggest that the optimum stay is 5 nights to include a night out at our fly camp. We have typical 3 and 5 night itineraries available on request.

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The proximity to the Spillway and the high floods of recent seasons make boating and canoeing possible nearly all year round. We have a mix of powered boats, canoes and mekoros, well suited to a wide range of water based activities here at Ride and Walk Botswana.

Game drives and night drives are also on offer, although the high floods currently being experienced do restrict the geographical reach of these, and boating options often allow better access to the reserve.

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Ride and Walk Botswana Reviews

“On arrival at this camp following a superb flight we were met by James 007 anf he lived up to his name. He and the rest of the team at this fantastic camp looked after us from start to finish. James and Clifford were really great at finding numerous game to observe in this area of Borswana.” – roygarland

“Really wish we were back at Moswiri ! Thanks so to everyone – all the staff lead by Jonny and Grant for a wonderful few days. The accomodation, food and service are wonderful but what really makes the experience is the laid back but hugely welcoming atmosphere at the camp. Fly camp is definitely worth the trip.” – Janine058

“Motswiri Camp was our second stop on our 18-day trip. The accommodations are superb: very comfortable and nicely appointed with lots of hot water! Food was some of the best we had and we really enjoyed our knowledgeable guides, James and Mochette. The walking tours were thrilling and also very educational.” – stellaluna15

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