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Welcome to Maun!

Maun is the fifth largest town in Botswana and serves as the tourism capital of the country. Many lodges, game reserves and charter companies have their headquarters in Maun, making it the literal gateway to a safari in Botswana.

Although it is still officially deemed a village, Maun has become so much more than that. The ‘village’ now has a life of its own, with many hotels, lodges and restaurants being built in recent years. Maun Airport is one of the busiest in Africa and often serves as just a stop-over before travellers depart for their next destination on a charter flight.

However, there are no night flights departing from Maun Airport as it closes its doors in the evening. Extended lay-overs do, unfortunately, occur. But fear not! Wherever your journey may take you in Botswana, Maun and its people will persuade you to stay a night or two and enjoy its perfect mix of modern comforts and rural atmosphere.

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The Unique Experience of Maun

The town’s close proximity to the Okavango Delta means that a day trip can be enjoyed on its waters, and land. Whether it’s a game drive or a world-famous mokoro tour, travellers can rest assured that they will experience Botswana as it was meant to be – in the midst of its wild beauty. A must-do for any visitor to Maun and the Okavango Delta is a tour of the many rural villages that litter its western shores. If not already arranged, these experiences can be booked through your accommodation.

There are also plenty of eateries and restaurants with mouth-watering menus on offer in Maun, even from as soon as travellers arrive at the airport. Bon Arrivee is directly opposite the airport and offers guests the chance to satisfy their hunger with international breakfasts, lunches and dinners before setting out on their Botswana adventure. Hilary’s Coffee Shop is also nearby and is a favorite among locals. It’s not hard to see why. The menu is reasonably priced and full of homemade dishes just waiting to be sampled. If the local cuisine catches your taste-buds, it is readily available at many supermarkets as well as Choice, a local eatery. Be sure to try local favourites such as moroga deep-fried dough balls or seswa shredded beef. If in season, the brave can sample mopane worms in one of its many forms. More formal dining options are available at Sports Bar and the Sedia Riverside Hotel. For something completely different, visitors can enjoy a light lunch at Arts Café, a petite coffee shop in an open courtyard in Maun Castle.

When visitors are ready to depart Maun for the next part of their African adventure, they can browse the town’s wide variety of shops for the perfect keepsake. Bush Telegraph and Jazella’s are located near the airport and stock souvenirs such as hand-made baskets and tswee, a local vegetable.

However long your stay in Maun, know that it will be a comfortable and enjoyable one. Let East Cape Tours help you discover this hidden gem and its surrounds!

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