Chobe Elephant Camp

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Safari Lodging in the Land of Elephants with Chobe Elephant Camp.

Perched on the edge of a rocky ridge overlooking the famous Chobe River, presenting a unique design, Chobe Elephant Camp has been built to take advantage of the incredible views overlooking the sweeping floodplains while offering a comfortable refuge from the harsh African conditions.

Built from the same red Kalahari sands that dominate the northern part of Botswana, this eco-friendly lodge is ideally positioned to take advantage of everything this incredible destination has to offer. Be it the spectacular wildlife that the Chobe River is famous for, or the opportunity to interact with the local Sibuya Tribe who live within this wildlife haven, Chobe Elephant Camp offers its guests a true African adventure. With a variety of activities that include viewing the regions spectacular wildlife from open safari vehicles, by boat on the Chobe River or experiencing life in the village, a visit to Chobe Elephant Camp offers a wide range of experiences to our guests.

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The Lodge


Passionate about Botswana’s natural treasures, the Chobe river floodplain area always had a special appeal to our bush-lover’s eyes. Chobe Elephant Camp sprung from a desire to provide an authentic wilderness experience in Chobe, away from the increasing number of visitors concentrating in the Eastern side of the park, and in close collaboration with those who have grown up in these unique surroundings and are immensely enthusiastic about introducing their home to international travelers.


All our Guides at Chobe Elephant Camp are qualified Botswana Professional Safari Guides that have an intimate knowledge and understanding of their environment. They are enthusiastic and keen to share their intense love for Africa’s flora and fauna.

Our teams in housekeeping, maintenance, chefs and waitresses are originally from the surrounding areas. They are dedicated to provide the very best service to our guests and always aim to make your stay as pleasant as possible and the most memorable experience.

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Chobe Elephant Camp has been designed to capture the feel of the traditional Farmstead located in the African wilderness. Polished floors, exposed wooden beams and weathered furniture capture the feel of rustic charm. Mix this with some contemporary style and the lodge has a unique feel of old meets new and offers the guests something different and unique. With 12 rooms, Chobe Elephant Camp can comfortably accommodate 24 guests. All rooms are en-suite with both indoor and outdoor showers. The whole lodge has been designed to take advantage of the spectacular views over the Chobe River, so whether you choose to relax on your private veranda, read a book in the lounge, have a drink at the bar or cool off in the pool, the vista will always be there to enjoy.

Based in the semi-arid bush of Africa there is always the challenge of extreme temperature variations and how to combat this. The solution came in one of earths’ great insulators – the sand. The lodge has been entirely constructed from sandbags, the thick sand-filled walls create a natural insulating barrier between the inhabitants and the harsh African climate and enhance the old farm-style feel of the camp. Keeping the environment in mind, the development has focused on renewable resources wherever possible. From ensuring that all the construction timber and furniture is manufactured from renewable wood sources or from reclaimed wood, to using the sun’s energy to heat the water, Chobe Elephant Camp makes every effort to keep its carbon footprint as small as possible, while at the same time never compromising guest comfort.

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With a spectacular position overlooking the Chobe river floodplain, Chobe Elephant Camp takes full advantage of the land offering a fantastic feeling of wide open space from your very first step through the doors. Providing a simultaneously rustic and stylish feel, Chobe Elephant Camp was designed to minimise at best its carbon footprint, providing a genuinely eco-friendly gateway to the surrounding natural wonders.

The lodge boasts a large open-plan main area featuring a cosy arrangement of couches along with a bar, dining area and reading corner and opens up onto an inviting boma area. From the main area, a small pathway leads down to the swimming pool with viewing deck onto a private waterhole.

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At Chobe Elephant Camp you will conduct all your activities with local professional guides. These trained professionals will help you to interpret the sounds, smells and sights of the bush and its inhabitants, as well as expose you to the culture of the local people and how they live in this wilderness.

During your stay at Chobe Elephant Camp you will hopefully get the opportunity to experience the big game safari in our custom built open landrovers and/or from a boat on the Chobe River. Finally a walk through the local village will give you a chance to learn about the culture and livelihoods of the local Sibuya tribe.

Activities offered at Chobe Elephant Camp:

  • Game Drives.
  • Cultural experience.
  • Boat cruises (for guests staying a minimum of 2 nights).
  • Full day to Victoria Falls (on request during booking process only).
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Besides the elephants, the Chobe River and surrounding woodlands supports an incredible diversity of animals and has developed a reputation of being one of the great wildlife destinations in Africa. From large herds of elephants swimming in the Chobe river, zebra and buffalo grazing on the floodplains, giraffes feeding on the acacias trees and shy roan and sable antelope ghosting through the teak forests, there is always something of interest. Combine the above with some of the highest predator densities in Botswana (Lion, Leopard, Wild Dog and Hyaena) and it is clear why this is such a wildlife mecca.

In addition to the mammals, the Chobe River is also home to over three hundred bird species and is one of the top birding destinations in Botswana.

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Chobe Elephant Camp Reviews

“The accommodation at Chobe Elephant Camp is excellent, and the views from your chalets are amazing. The camp is situated a bit too far from the main wildlife areas of the park, and as such we did not see much wildlife close to the camp.” – Peter S

“The property is located high on a bluff overlooking the Chobe plain, looking over the river to Namibia. The view is amazing. This was our second stop and not quite as nice as our first stop but only in the small details. First class all the way. Knowledgeable guide and the staff was friendly and helpful.” – Nigel G

“The lodges are very well appointed and comfortable, although quite a long trek from the communal areas (we were in Lodge 1, the furthest away), where excellent meals were served. All the staff worked very hard to make our stay and our game viewing as good as they could be and, on our wedding anniversary, performed a celebratory song and dance before presenting us with a special cake.” – Positive-pensioner

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